Thursday, 21 June 2012

CPD23 Things 2012: Thing 3 - Brand

My personal brand, 'EB' as I'm known on the rota, has improved over the years. I'm now recognised by Ovid sales reps at conferences for being a Transplant Librarian. My boss is vaguely aware that I have a blog. A few people have commented on my blog, both in terms of Comments and in terms of 'oh I read your blog'.

When I started CPD23 Things 2012, I had a go at redesigning the blog so that it felt new and less stale for me. I created it in 2008, and it was time to change the background colour, move the widgets around the screen, make it more user-friendly for its primary user group: me. 

If I google my name, or variations on my name, I now get links for all the conference papers and presentations I have given over the last 2 years, and links for library webpages which mention me. I've hidden my Facebook page, hopefully, as I didn't want that kind of public attention any more.

I use a photo of me and my cat Bumble for both this blog and my Facebook profile, as I love that photo of me and my best feline friend, and it shows me for who I am: a cat-lover, first and foremost.

I try to keep my professional and my personal identity separate, which is why I've ticked the box to keep my Facebook profile off Google, but I've blurred the lines recently by beFriending current colleagues on Facebook. I wouldn't usually do that. I'd wait until they were ex-colleagues!  I don't want my current colleagues to know too much about my home life (with Bumble, and the mices that he brings me at inopportune moments, such as this morning when I was already late for work).

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